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Katie's Blog

Always take a book

But who remembers to put a book in their pocket while they’re bleeding half to death?

Writing Retreats, Fact of Fiction?

I’m on a writing retreat - that is, I’m in a wonderful old house in South West France with 8 other writers and we’re calling it a retreat.  

A little bit about scones

Open gardens of Rodborough and my secret scone recipe.

Spring and the absent Frogs

Not so long ago I wrote about why I liked January, now I’ve forgotten all about January and am in love with Spring.

Mothers Day

The very first present I gave to my mother for Mother’s Day, a very long time ago (which means I can’t remember the year) was a bottle of deodorant. 

Gadget or Good Sharp Knife?

Long, long ago, in another life time, I used to cook for members of the public in circumstances which would make quite a good challenge for a cooking competition the time people were fond of saying how they despised gadgets, they needed nothing but a good sharp knife to work miracles.

Why I Love Dominica

It is as hard to say why you love a place as it is a person.  After all, it’s not likely that you fell in love with your husband because of his quirky eyebrows but the fact that he has quirky eyebrows makes you love him that little bit more.  Dominica has lots of very lovable quirks.

Why I love January

Why I love January ...and it’s not only because it’s eleven months until Christmas comes round again.  It’s something about the change of mood... 

My Christmas Eve thoughts

We’re having Christmas at our house this year ..So it’s all over to our gaff!

My Advent Calender

I haven’t had an actual advent calendar for years and years and I’m not sure I was even that good at giving them to my children.

Christmas Decoration Dilemma

This is another annual dilemma that always takes a lot of thinking about.  Should my mantlepiece be cool ...or should I go all out!

Will this be the year?

Usually I manage to put my wilder flights of fancy into my books and there’s no threat of them actually taking up space in my house but the diorama fantasy is taking hold.

Christmas Crackers and other thoughts

I’m never quite sure about Christmas crackers and every year I debate with myself.

Funny time of year

It’s a bit too soon to think about Christmas but actually, this is my favourite part of the festive season.

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